Dual Twister Ramp (Handwork)

3 12 2012

This is a big versión (59 cm tall).








In this scale, the handwork is some different, like I show it in this video:

In the next video, I show the DTR + in action:


Dual Twister Ramp + (Design)

2 12 2012

This is the last design of a DTR.  I add 3 levels between the floor and ceiling. This levels are interconnected with this two ramps.


This is the video of the last design of the Twister Dual Ramp +:

This is a render:


This is template in PDO format : Rampa06x.pdo (Zip file)


This is PDF version file:


Abba Cab from Carmageddon Paper Cars

26 11 2011

This is another model that you chose my little boy of 14 that are available on a page of Carmageddon papercrafts, with respective links to download.

This is the direct link to download the Abba Cab:

Both the game’s website are for anyone 18 years, the role models are beautiful. While most are simple, so much that my son picked as the Big Dump (A3), need instructions for assembling them.

For this reason I am not 100% that should unite parts where they were assembled.

These are some pictures where I show the assembly process:

These are some pictures where you can see the finished model including a couple of buddies as passengers:

Greetings 🙂

Thumper Cutie from disneyfamily.com

22 11 2011

This model is quite simple, ideal for children. Again my son decided to make another model, cutting, folding and gluing.

This is the Thumper Cutie

This is the website where you can download the template in PDF format:

Thumper Cutie

This is the direct link to download the PDF template:

In the following pictures you can see the steps to be joining parts of the model.

This is the finished model:

This model can be used as finger puppets. In the website of origin, there are other models as bamby in the same style.
Hope you like it, and my son likes.

Dinos from PaperBox

19 11 2011

These are two models of dinosaurs that are obtained from http://paperboxworld.weebly.com/dinos.html page.

My son cut, fold and paste, with the minimum possible help (with six years old).

Plant must be careful with the scissors.  We recommend using special scissors for children and all under supervision.

The first is as follows:

This is the PDF template:

This is the finished model:

The second model is the following:

This is the PDF template:

This is the finished model:

See you next time 😉

Japan mourns (11-03-2011)

19 03 2011

One minute of silence
With my deepest respect, I make public my sorrow for all the people who perished in the disaster happened on the island of Japan.

My deepest condolences to all families of the victims. I hope your hearts be filled with peace and resignation, and will soon overcome this sad event.

Super Mario (Model)

2 02 2011

From: Super Mario (Design)

Ok, I managed to finish the model of Super Mario (30 cm tall). I took a little longer than expected, since no size so hard it was to build the hands.

The following photos show the final result.

The following videos show how to put together all the parts to complete the papercraft model.

The model I serve as the basis for a 150cm tall. I expected a lot of work.


PDF: smario01b.pdf

PDO: 558.pdo

PDO (Mirror 1): 635.pdo

PDO (Mirror 2): Smario01B.zip

Pepakura Viewer (To PDO files): www.tamasoft.co.jp/…/viewer.html

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