Super Mario (Design)

14 01 2011

Now it’s time is a classic character, this is Super Mario, in the version used in the Nintendo Wii game consoles.I first began to document with pictures I found on Google. Since I have extensive experience in 3D design from Metasequoia, I chose a symmetrical and there is also another view of the drawing, which in this case was a side view.These are the pictures chosen and although the image from the side view is not 100% fit with the image of the front view, is a good reference to achieve the approximate volume. 

The following images are renders made from Metasequoia, which shows the dimensions achieved in 3D based on 2D views and different views on the design of the finished model.

The following video shows some details of the design in 3D from Metasequoia.
With 3D design, made in Metasequoia, load it in Pepakura to unfold the design and to design templates, ordering all parties and grouped by color.
The following file is the template group in both color and black and white:

Original file format is PDO, can be downloaded from the following link: Smario01B.pdo(zip file).
Following video shows how the pieces fit together, from different parts of the model of Super Mario in Pepakura software.
Now is time to bring the colored paper to print the template group and then cut, foldand glue and create the papercraft design model of Super Mario.



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2 02 2011
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13 04 2011
Epic Super Mario PaperCraft | Lega Nerd

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29 11 2012

hey there would you know how to by any chance load up pictures in te pespective veiw please

2 12 2012

At least three pictures are in perspective view, but i add two more for you:

10 01 2015
Levi van Iperenburg

I need help with the ears and the hands and the hair. The video is a little overlitten, so it is very hard to see how it is put together. If you could please reply, because this is the second time I have asked for this.

26 06 2015
Ricardo Abel Rodriguez


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