Lego Man (Model)

28 11 2010

From post: Lego Man (Design)

After printing, cut and fold ….

The following video shows how the different pieces joined to form the papercraft model of Lego Man:

Some pictures of the finished papercraft model:

Now let’s play .. 🙂




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14 12 2010
who from po

Are you going to release the plans for this wonderfully created and crafted minifig? I would love for a chance to make one of my own using your plans, they are better than all of the other minifig plans I have come across on the internet.

14 12 2010

Indeed, I designed the plans for the Man Lego figure, from 3D design to the templates for the model on paper.

See the following post: “Lego Man (Design)”

16 12 2010
who from po

I should have been digging harder, thank you for the plans, I am planning on enlarging them to around 35cm, if you would like a copy please ask.

19 12 2010

With the template in PDO version (, from Pepakura, it is easy to change the dimensions of the model from the 2D menu Menu -> Change Scale -> Sale Factor …

See the picture:

Change the value in millimeters, for example 300 mm high.

See the picture:

6 01 2011
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31 01 2011
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7 02 2011


A group of us are doing a lego carnival float in my local town. Could i be cheeky and ask for the designs for the lego man in pdf and dxf format?

Really would help.

7 02 2011

Pdf is available in the post:

The direct link the file is:

For DXF version for the moment not available. Sorry.

7 02 2011

Brilliant, thanks!

Can you send it in any of the formats below.

cf2, ard, ai?

7 02 2011

The file I have is for MQO Metasequoia. But I know how to export to DXF.

I sent the email that you have registered;)

9 02 2011
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27 02 2011

this is so good! Im doing a project with some year 10 pupils at school who are obsessed with lego. I think ill try and get them to make this..did you cut out the sections by hand? I was thinking of using a laser cutter altho it may damage the paper to much.

28 02 2011

All pieces were cut by hand, using scissors and penknife for internal cuts.

I believe the model is a bit complex for a child 10 years of age, but a solution is to do on a larger scale, for example about 50 cm high.

For cuts can be used instead of a cutting laser automatically like this:

Not so expensive that it may be, but this is an interesting example of application:

4 05 2011

What kind of paper do you use?

4 05 2011

I use cardboard to 160 grams, but you can use a thicker.

10 05 2011

I love you DrakeDC!

eu amo seus videos,suas fotos!

Porque voce não faz um tutorial de como fazer um legoman?

13 05 2011

Edite os vídeos que se seguem para este fim:




Eu também publicou as fotos de uma festa para o próximo álbum:

Você pode tentar uma, e todas as perguntas que você tem, você me pergunta sem penalidade.

Saudações 😉

13 05 2011

Hi There

Could you also send me a copy in DXF? as would love to build one of these for my son.
Thanks in advance

13 05 2011

File sent to your email 😉

27 05 2011

hey man , I found the link but no place to download it . Could you send me a file. After showing my son the lego man , he wants me to make it and do some Star wars costumes for it. Thanks for the creation..i


28 05 2011
14 07 2011

My 5 year old son and I love this….it is AMAZING! we put one together a few months ago. I was wondering if you could PLEASE give me an idea on how to make a lego batman headpiece for this minifig, i have been trying but it just doesnt look good. I want to give them out as favors at my sons birthday.

Thank You.

19 09 2011

Lego Batman is pretty good, there are several versions, would choose the one you like.

29 09 2011

Thank you so much for responding. Any version of Batman would be great…

14 07 2011

where did you get the cardboard paper?

19 09 2011

Cardboard is a Spanish-language paper called rainbow paper (Papel Arcoiris).

15 09 2011

enviame el modelo a color…ya sea PDF o PDO

19 09 2011

Bien, no tengo ninguna versión en colores, pero puedes sugerir alguno o algunos y con gusto te lo envío en el formato que necesites. La plantilla del modelo tiene una altura de 18.4 cm de alto, pero también se pude cambiar.

Puedes optar por imprimir las plantillas en papel arco iris de otros colores en vez de utilizar color de impresión. Tu elijes el límite es la imaginación.

14 01 2012
Star wars pringles

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14 01 2012

Thanks for your comments!
Interesting web page.

1 02 2012
Dakota Morse

could some 1 make this 4 me

2 02 2012

Where you from?
Where you are?

I’m living in Guatemala Central America.

6 02 2012
Aimee B.

Hi! I really want to make this for a Mardi Gras float I have to make for my son’s school. I have to use a wagon for the float and I’m thinking I’ll make the sides look like a Lego castle. I want to make the Lego man look like a king on the front of it. I think I want to make it between 50 and 60 cm. How do I go about enlarging the plans? Also, what is the best thing to use to print them? A regular printer or do I need something more high tech? Any help will be much appreciated!

Thank you!

6 02 2012

If you want one big model (50 or 60 cm), in Pepakura software is more easy, do used the PDO file. If you only have Pepakura Viewer, I can do it is save a PDO file, with you needed dimensión, tall and paper size.

For print the templates, depend to the paper size, you can used lasser cutter, but is very expensive, or you can used a plotter printer.

Remember, big model = less thin cardboard

Best regards

14 11 2012

Hey there. Great model! My fiancee wants to use this model as the basis for our wedding table centrepieces. We were thinking each table gets assigned a character for the seating chart based off the Lego games (Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc…). Would you be able to send me a copy of the Metasequoia file, please and thanks? I can’t seem to add textures to Pepakura Designer properly, so maybe starting at the source will help. Thanks again for making this!

28 11 2012

OK, file sent.

14 05 2013

Hey, Did you by chance get the working file? Looking to make a couple for my son’s room. dom at n-product dot com if you have the time to share. Thanks!

15 05 2013

Ok, DXF file sent

17 04 2013
jade atkinson

That is good

10 05 2013

Hi, This is fantastic. Can I also get the export DXF or any vector file? .eps or Thank you!

19 05 2013

do you have any vector file by any chance? .ai or .eps?

19 05 2013

30 cm tall?? thanks!!

4 05 2014

I have only in DXF format

21 03 2014

Great Build! do you have a dxf or eps file? I would like to make a few for my son’s room. Thanks!

4 05 2014

Ok, DXF file sent

21 04 2014

Hey Man. I want to make one for my girl..could you send me a DXF?


4 05 2014

Ok, DXF file sent

3 06 2014
Lego pirate en papier « Douce Propagande

[…] se font rares et donc chers. De lien en lien, je suis tombé sur des photos de fabrication de personnage Lego en carton par-ci, d’une superbe réalisation en bois de Thibaut Malet par-là, puis je suis finalement […]

21 04 2016
Rosilene Santos

Ola drakerdg tudo bem? seria possivel você mim enviar por favor em DXF desde ja fico muito grata

25 04 2016

Ficheiro DXF enviado!

25 04 2016
Rosilene Santos

Ola meu querido fico muito agradecida mesmo viu super bjsss em seu preciosos coração

19 10 2016

Hello, Youve created a great model, im making several of these for a lego themed party and would love to add some accessories and textures to the model, would you be able to please send me the original Metasequoia file?

10 10 2017
Angeli Joyce Taleon Apostol

Hi. This is the best model I have seen by far. I would like to create lego figures for my son’s birthday party using your design. I would appreciate if you could email the PDO file. I cannot get thru the file using the link you have posted here. thank you!

20 07 2018
Eva Enríquez

Lo primero felicitaciones por este trabajo, fabuloso.
Ya sé que este post es de hace mucho tiempo pero está genial y me viene de perlas para un regalo que me pidieron para la primera comunión de un amiguito de mi hija.
Según los comentarios que he leído sería posible que me mandaran la versión en dzf a color.
Te lo agradezco en el alma.
Y ya si tienes las instrucciones en un paso a paso sería lo más.
Mil gracias

4 10 2018
Victor Medina

going to take a crack at this for my sons bday. he’s turning 5 next saturday and is crazy for legos. it’s crazy to think that when you posted this in 2010 my son wasn’t even born yet. you’ve brought a lot of happiness to alot of children. -muchas gracias los angeles california.

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