Dinos from PaperBox

19 11 2011

These are two models of dinosaurs that are obtained from http://paperboxworld.weebly.com/dinos.html page.

My son cut, fold and paste, with the minimum possible help (with six years old).

Plant must be careful with the scissors.  We recommend using special scissors for children and all under supervision.

The first is as follows:

This is the PDF template:

This is the finished model:

The second model is the following:

This is the PDF template:

This is the finished model:

See you next time 😉


PaperBox Part 2

12 08 2010

From post: PaperBorx Part 1

These two models are obtained on the website PaperBox World (Source), which were also made by my son at 5 years of age.

This is a rabbit

Finished model:

Bat model

Finished model:

Group pictures:


PaperBox Part 1

2 05 2010

I got these models from web page PaperBox World (Source)

All models were cut and pasted for my son a year ago (5 years old)

the first is the HOTROD

Finished model:

Other model…The EXCAVATOR

Finished model:

Other model…The POLICE car

Finished model:

Other model…The LIFEGUARD

Finished model:

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