Super Mario (Model)

2 02 2011

From: Super Mario (Design)

Ok, I managed to finish the model of Super Mario (30 cm tall). I took a little longer than expected, since no size so hard it was to build the hands.

The following photos show the final result.

The following videos show how to put together all the parts to complete the papercraft model.

The model I serve as the basis for a 150cm tall. I expected a lot of work.


PDF: smario01b.pdf

PDO: 558.pdo

PDO (Mirror 1): 635.pdo

PDO (Mirror 2):

Pepakura Viewer (To PDO files):…/viewer.html




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2 02 2011
Super Mario (Design) « PaperBotz

[…] Now is time to bring the colored paper to print the template group and then cut, foldand glue and create the papercraft design model of Super Mario. See post: Super Mario (Model) […]

4 02 2011
Make Your Own Super Mario Paper Craft |Gadgetsin

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7 02 2011
Incrível paper craft do Super Mario e que você pode também fazer. (vídeo) | BsNerd

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7 02 2011
Bruno Silva

Oops! Excuse me, amid much running I must have typed the wrong name. Again I apologize. Another thing, great job. Congratulations!

13 02 2011

puuuuchica! que de ahuevo!

ahorita lo tuiteo, pereme…

14 03 2011
30 cm Tall Super Mario Papercraft |

[…] has been transformed in to this magnificent 30cm tall Super Mario papercraft. It was designed by Paperbotz and shows off this marvellous structure in all it’s 3D glory. With bright vibrant colours and […]

14 03 2011
Super Mario Bros feito de Papel | Discordar - Textos, Gadgets, Entretenimento, Opinião, Variedade, Diversão, Fotos

[…] colecionam objetos, personagens e outras coisas feitos de papel. Criado por Paperbotz, o Mario tem uma altura de 30 centímetros e é todo feito em 3D. O resultado é magnífico, muito […]

13 04 2011
Epic Super Mario PaperCraft | Lega Nerd

[…] trovare tutti i passaggi della progettazione in questa pagina (comprensiva di video esplicativi).- Questa è la pagina dedicata alla realizzazione fisica del modello. Troverete anche tutti i link per i […]

17 04 2011

Awsome !!!

Paper Mario the best I have ever seen !

Thank you for the example files

17 04 2011
4 05 2011

and, what’s the volume?

3 08 2011
Super Mario Papercraft | My Paper Craft

[…] Download Super Mario Model  Tags: super mario, super mario paper model, super mario papercraft, super mario pepakuraRecent Posts […]

8 10 2011
Geekospirit's Blog !

[…] Voilà ce que c’est censé donner. Si vous voulez vous lancer dans le même, c’est par ici […]

22 12 2011

errrr… looks hard.

24 03 2014

Can you have easy to understand written instructions in what to do as I want to make this out of clay and this seems the best way to do it but I can’t seem to follow the video. But if I just know what goes were I can use it as a template I will email you the result if you do give me the instructions

4 05 2014

A part of the video and templates for the moment I have no written instructions

13 10 2014
Levi van Iperenburg

The hands the hair and the ears are hard can you maybe make a written ionstruction with pictures for those.
like the video is not too hard but the ears the hair and the hands are toot bright or from a wrong angle.

10 01 2015
Levi van Iperenburg

I need help with the ears and the hands and the hair. The video is a little overlitten, so it is very hard to see how it is put together. If you could please reply, because this is the second time I have asked for this.

20 01 2015
1 09 2015

I gave up during the hands part. It’s SO DIFFICULT, and the pictures at the tutorial video sometimes aren’t clear enough to see what the person did. Like, we can’t see what’s glued, what’s just folded..
Maybe mine will have no hands..

1 10 2015
Soy Nataly

Me encanta tu trabajo! Una pregunta el pdf lo tengo q descargar en tamaño A4 para q quede igual porque quiero hacerlo y no se de que tamaño descargarlo.

25 04 2016

El tamaño que he utilizado es carta, pero el A4 es aproximadamente igual o equivalente

8 12 2015

Create a well spun comment related to your niche

15 06 2016
Veronica Judin

Finished mine now. Used pepakura file so I could assemble it. Works fine. But when I put top on bottom together is was very hard to get i t to stick and is now very messed by glue at the back. Thats sad, but it looks fine anyway. Thanks for the fantastic beautiful figure.

31 12 2016
Johan Rusli
4 12 2018
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