Mini R2D2 (Death)

14 05 2010

After stress testing performed by my son, this is the final state of my mini R2D2 model 😦


Stormtrooper (My version)

4 05 2010

Based on the original template file in pdo format downloaded from the website Pepakura Gallery #409.

Original web page Stormtrooper Paper Craft (Japanese).

To view a file in pdo, it is necessary to use the Pepakura Viewer program from the following website Pepakura Viewer.

This is the template in pdf format: stormtrooper_original.pdf

My version separates the color templates to give prominence to the finish.

These are my templates …

This is step by step (video), to put together my version of the stormtrooper helmet….


Mini R2D2

2 05 2010


R2D2 Template:

Directions (how to do it)…

Other pictures…

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