Hello Kitty (Model)

29 11 2010

From post: Hello Kitty (Design)

OK, it’s time to get down to work and build our papercraft model of 29 cm tall.

The following video shows step by step how you can build the papercraft model of Hello Kitty to completion.

Here are some photos showing the finished papercraft model:

What will be the next step? Surprise!

To be continued…

See post: Hello Kitty (Big Model – Piñata)




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28 12 2010
Hello Kitty (Big Model – Piñata) « PaperBotz

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6 01 2011
Hello Kitty (Design) « PaperBotz

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5 10 2011

i am not good with programmes, had difficulties putting the file to the programmes and print.

do you have a my melody version?

or a step by step on how to install and use? searched online and there is a pepakura designer but it is very hard to use also. i do not know how to open a 2D file and use it to make it to a 3D model.

6 10 2011

In the post “Hello Kitty (Design)” (https://paperbotz.wordpress.com/2010/11/28/hello-kitty-design/), there is a link (image) where you could download a version of the template PDF format:


This version is for a 29cm high model. Do not know if it serves you?

If you need a particular height, just tell me the height and worked out a version in PDF format Pepakura special for you.

8 10 2011

thank you so much for the pdf format. its of great help. i was thinking the (Metasequoia) programme if there is an english version and the step by step manual? i was thinking if there is one i could try designing one myself. it would be nice. ;D

14 10 2011

On the Internet there is enough information and tutorials Metasequoia, these are some of many:



In google you can find much more ….

14 10 2011

thank you so much for your help. =)

13 07 2012
Hello Kitty Online Club

Thanks for the info, this is a great model.

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