Tux Papercraft (My version)

2 05 2010

It is based in the original tux papercraft. The difference is the templates. Each template is designed to be printed on color paper texture for the model (black, white and yellow).

Black template A:

Black Template B

Tip: Use laser printer to black templates.

White template

Yellow template

¿The instructions? Don’t worry, you only see next video…

Completed work


Tux Papercraft

2 05 2010

This is a common tux version.  You can find in http://images.google.com so many templates with words: tux papercraft.

This is one version of many templates…

This is the instructions page to make the tux papercraft…

These images show my finished tux model (in draft printed:  poor colors)

Comment: I don’t like are the edges where they join the tabs that are attached.

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