World Gear (Design)

1 12 2010

This desing is based in papercraft gear esphere and gears heart (see the links).

They can also watch channels each author on YouTube: and

The following images are Renders made from Metasequoia:

This is an animated gif:

The following video shows the different parts of the design of World Gear:

Well, it’s time to work on Pepakura templates for the design papercraft model of World Gear.




4 responses

17 07 2011

¿Where are the templates?

17 07 2011

As this model is new, I have not yet refined enough to have the templates as simple as possible. I have alpha versions, if you want I can send you the to see them.

29 10 2011
Ray GRauberger

Would love to have a copy of your templates

15 02 2015

Hi…it seems to be a wonderful “project merge” from previous ones. after the heart gear i’d really like to se how this world appear when fine tuned painted.
Whats the status of templates?

Good work.

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