Balance – To appreciate the weight of air

22 08 2010

Does air have weight? Of course it is!

This is a balance that I designed to appreciate the weight of air. The experiment was demonstrated by my 5 year old son at his school.

This is the design of the balance, using Metasequoia:

These are pictures of some renders:

In the following video you can see the design structure of the balance:

This is the template in PDF format:

This is the format version PDO: Balance01.pdo (Zip file)

Mirror: Balance01.pdo (Zip file)

The following video is to identify each part of the balance in the design template. We must pay attention to the red boxes that appear when selected each element of the 3D design.

Hands On!

First start with the base, adding a counterweight with several coins of 25 cents Quetzal (6 * 8 = 48 coins), about $ 1.50 USD. With cardboard circles and strips of cardboard wrapped and sealed with adhesive paper, make sure the main mast.

More and more strips of cardboard rolled form individual carriers to ensure the spin axis and the counterweight of the indicator and the arms of the balance.

In closing, the brackets are placed hooks made of paper clips.

Ready, the balance is complete!

It’s time to experiment!

First common place two balloons of equal size, one on each hook of the balance.

One can see that the arms remain horizontal balance.

It is filled with either air balloons and notes that now the balance arm that holds the balloon filled with air is lower than the side of the globe which has no air.




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